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Whole Icelandic Lamb for Butcher - Deposit

Whole Icelandic Lamb for Butcher - Deposit


This listing is for the purchase of a whole live lamb that will go to butcher. The deposit reserves your lamb and goes towards the total cost of the lamb.

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Our Icelandic lamb is raised on milk, grass and other forage. They are usually processed in the fall at approximately six months old.

Lamb is $5/lb hanging weight plus you are responsible for the butcher fees. Our lambs usually hang at about 45 lbs. We give you the contact information for the butcher. You call and let them know which cuts you would like from your lamb. They will also ask if you would like it vacuum packed or wrapped in paper. You are responsible for paying them at the time of pick up.

If using our butcher (costs are approximate):

Hanging Weight (pd to us) $5 x 45 lbs = $225

Butcher Fees (kill/cut/wrap) = $65

Total = $290

You are welcome to use your own butcher. Depending on who you choose, there may be a delivery charge; otherwise, you are welcome to pick it up at the farm and deliver to your butcher of choice.

We usually use Mohawk Meats in Mohawk, OR.