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Emu Egg

Emu Egg


One emu egg is about the size of a dozen chicken eggs. It has a multi-layered shell consisting of different colors that are often times used in a variety of crafts.

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Emu eggs are rich and creamy; very similar to a duck egg. Eat them any way you would a regular egg: omelettes, scrambled, over easy, frittatas, pancakes and more! They are very light and fluffy in texture. Hard boiling one can take well over an hour!

Emu eggs are

  • Emu eggs are richer in MUFA and PUFA than chicken eggs.

  • Emu eggs contain 31% saturated and 68% unsaturated fats.

  • Emu eggs contain all eight of the essential amino acids (as do chicken eggs).

  • The yolk is paler than a chicken’s egg and accounts for about 45% of the egg.

  • Approximately 670 calories

Nutritional Breakdown according to a paper written by Warale and Collegues:

  • Fat: 35.84%

  • Protein: 15.54%

  • Carbohydrate: 0.63%

  • Ash (minerals): 1.78%

  • Dry matter: 51.14%