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Pasture Raised Icelandic Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Pasture Raised Icelandic Lamb Shoulder Steaks

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Icelandic Sheep are a triple purpose heritage breed that are direct decedents of the original Icelandic Sheep that the Vikings brought over to North America. This breed is not a hybrid or new breed that was created by crossing multiple breeds of sheep. Icelandic sheep are considered more of a "wild" sheep. They enjoy eating grass, but they also spend a lot of time foraging for berry bushes, leaves, fruits, vegetables, weeds, and more!



  • All natural

  • Milk, grass, forage and fodder fed

  • No added hormones or antibiotics

  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids and iron

  • Considered the "cadillac" of lamb meat

  • Unique flavor

  • Very tender and fine textured

  • Meat comes frozen and vacuum sealed

  • Lamb is processed in a USDA licensed facility

  • We hold a current and valid State of Oregon Meat Handler's License


Product Specifics:

  • $8.00 per pound