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Pasture Raised Chicken Fryer Meat

Pasture Raised Chicken Fryer Meat

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Try our naturally pasture raised chickens. They do not spend any time in a cage. Their feet are always on the ground. 

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  • Chicks are started in the barn until they get their feathers
  • Chicks are then in the pasture starting at 3 weeks old
  • Chickens are free to forage in natural, non-pesticide grassy and wooded pastures
  • They get to eat all the bugs, worms, grass, etc they want
  • They are offered a commercial feed to eat at free will
  • Plenty of clean water available to them at all times
  • We do not use any hormones or antibiotics
  • We raise Cornish Cross chickens
  • They are humanely butchered
  • Chickens are gutted and plucked, skin on
  • Frozen in a shrink bag to maintain freshness.
  • We are a small family run farm that raises animals in their natural environment
  • Chickens are processed on our farm
  • We hold a valid state issued Meat Handler's License


  • Please note that pricing changes with the weight of the bird. Choose the weight you would like and double check the price so you know what you are paying.