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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids - Deposit

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids - Deposit


Kids are only available seasonally so this deposit holds one for you. We fulfill orders/pick out as genders are born. Example, the first person the deposit list who wants a boy, will get first pick once all the boys are born.

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We periodically have Nigerian Dwarf kid goats for sale. They are all registerable if desired; however, you are responsible for the registration fees. All of our does are incredibly friendly so our babies are handled frequently and in turn friendly also. Colors and markings vary from year to year so pictures and listings will be updated when new kids are available.

If you would like to bottle feed, we sell babies as early as five days old. We like them to stay for a few days just to make sure everyone is healthy. If you prefer a kid that is weaned, they are available after eight weeks old. These details we can work out. 

This deposit just holds a goat for you from the next kidding. If we do not have the right gender or color combo you are wanting, the deposit is transferable to the next kidding.

Price of goats (your deposit goes towards the total) is as follows

Buckling: $100

Doeling: $125

Wether: $90